Lev Haolam head Nati Rom
Lev Haolam head Nati RomArutz Sheva

Though the world media paints a nasty picture of Israel—and of the Jewish residents of "Yesha" (Judea and Samaria, referred to as "The West Bank" by Israel haters) in particular—Nati Rom knows that many people around the world actually support Israel and the Jews of Yesha.

"How could we be the West Bank? We are on the eastern side of Israel, and there are no banks here!" quips Rom.

Rom therefore created the "Lev HaOlam" organization. Lev HaOlam, which means Heart of the World, sends unique packages to subscribers around the world. These monthly packages contain a bountiful variety of products made by Jews living in Yesha, the Biblical heartland.

Rom goes on to explain that 90% of the events of the Bible happened in this part of the country. "How can the world boycott the Bible?" he asks rhetorically.

The packages that Lev HaOlam sends include a variety of boutique goods such as organic honey, virgin olive oil, silver jewelry, wood art, and spices. Each product includes the story behind the artist, why they live where they do, and information about the product. In addition, the box includes a newsletter about the events happening in Yesha from the perspective of the insiders—the residents—as opposed to from the biased world media.

Rom, a lawyer by profession, tells of the reactions of subscribers to this "BUYcott" program. He also shares the "Chocolate Project" in which chocolates from the Hevron Hills tell Europeans more eloquently than words why Israel should not be boycotted.

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