Tel Aviv University's Professor Yuval Gadot, who co-directed the excavation during which a rare golden earring was found, spoke to Arutz Sheva about the finding and what makes it unique.

"This golden earring that was found here, when you see a golden earring like that, it's always amazing, it's clean, it's fresh as if it's new," Professor Gadot explained. "It takes two seconds to understand that we're seeing something that is ancient. And then when you look at it, you see this horned animal, you see the craftsmanship, the quality of whoever did that."

Professor Gadot also explained the significance of finding the earring near Jerusalem's Old City.

"You say to yourself, okay, what is this doing in Jerusalem?" he noted, adding that "probably, this originated, this was done, somewhere in Greece, in mainland Greece."

Professor Gadot also explained that because the earring dates back to the Hellenistic period, and Judea was under Greek rule at the time, "it's not a surprise, complete surprise to have things coming out from the Hellenistic world to here."

"It's just that we always perceive Jerusalem as a very conservative place, where things that are not Judeaen do not enter, there's kind of cultural barriers. So we have to ask ourselves, is there somebody Greek living here, and that's why he has the access, or he uses the earrings like that? Or is it more Hellenized Jew who didn't mind having an object like that? Or maybe he's a conservative Jew but there's nothing bad in having an earring like that.

"Whatever he or she were, they were definitely rich...not everybody had access to things like that."