Maj. G
Maj. G IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Israel Air Force (IAF) Commander, Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin appointed Maj. G as the new Commander of the 122nd (the "Nachshon") Squadron. Maj. G will not only be promoted to the rank of Lt. Col., but will be the first woman in the IAF to become a flight squadron commander.

Maj. G, 34 years old, enlisted in 2003 to the 151st IAF pilots' course and graduated as a cargo aircraft pilot. At the end of the course, she was assigned to the 135th Squadron ("Tzofit", "Hofit" and "Kukiya" aircraft) and moved on to the 131st ("Karnaf") Squadron to fulfill a range of command positions in the IAF flight academy and in the 135th Squadron.

Between 2015 and 2017 she served as Deputy Squadron Commander of the 122nd (the "Nachshon") Squadron, to which she will now return as Squadron Commander.

In August 2017 she attended the IDF "Alon" Command and Staff Course, which she completed one month ago.

Over the next two months she will assume her new role and replace Lt. Col. A as the commander of the 122nd (the "Nachshon").