Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un Reuters

US National Security Advisor John Bolton said Monday that North Korea had not yet taken significant steps to get rid of its nuclear weapons project, and that the US would not be removing sanctions on North Korea soon as a result.

This is despite the commitments made by North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un to President Donald Trump when they met in Singapore in June.

"What was significant about Singapore was the North Korean commitment to denuclearize, and have not taken significant steps to do that," Bolton told the PBS network.

He added that the closure of the nuclear testing facility, Punggye-ri, without the presence of international observers, as North Korea did shortly before the summit meeting, did not meet America's requirements.

So far, the Trump administration has claimed that its strategy against North Korea is a success. Bolton's statement apparently marks a turning point.

Bolton said the administration was working to send Secretary of State Mike Pompeo back to Pyongyang to meet Kim Jong-un again.

"What we really need is not more rhetoric," Bolton said in a separate interview with Fox News. "What we need is performance from North Korea on denuclearisation."