Jewish shepherd in Samaria
Jewish shepherd in SamariaReuters

Four Arab rioters who attacked Jewish shepherds in Binyamin were arrested today after a chase by IDF forces who arrived at the site.

Attorney Chaim Bleicher of the Honenu legal aid organization, which also assists shepherds to realize their rights as crime victims, sent a letter to Samaria Police noting there has recently been an increase in attacks on Jewish shepherds in Judea and Samaria.

The letter reveals that tens of rioters fled when forces arrived at the attack scene and Attorney Bleicher demanded they be brought to justice.

Additionally, Bleicher notes that leftist operative Arik Asherman was present. "It seems Asherman is behind the rioting and unrest," Bleicher said.

He added "there have recently been a number of severe attacks against Jewish shepherds that are being carried out to sow fear and panic among farmers who are settling and holding onto the land.

"These attacks that endanger Israeli shepherds are encouraged by left-wing operatives who have long crossed every red line and are taking part in hostile and dangerous operations against Israeli citizens. We demand that the police, the army, and the legal authorities act harshly against rioters and instigators, and to fundamentally uproot this dangerous phenomenon," says Attorney Bleicher.

Attorney Chaim Bleicher
Attorney Chaim BleicherHezki Baruch