Colonel Yisrael Shomer
Colonel Yisrael ShomerIDF Spokesperson's Unit

The IDF announced a round of promotions on Monday, including the incoming commanders of its infantry brigades and the Shayetet 13 naval commando unit.

Colonel Yisrael Shomer will head the Nahal Brigade. Shomer's name first appeared in the headlines back in 2015 after he was documented on camera shooting an Arab rock thrower near Bet El while commanding the Binyamin Regional Brigade. After an investigation, the IDF's legal department said that it would not file charges.

Colonel Tzion Ratzon will be appointed as the Southern Command's Chief of Staff and will be promoted to the rank of Brigadier General. Yuval Guez will be appointed the commander of the Paratroopers Brigade. Colonel Yitzhak (Itzik) Cohen will command the Givati Brigade.

Col. Guy Levy will head the Bahad 1 officers school while Colonel Avi Rosenfeld will command the infantry warfare school near Yerucham. Colonel Yitzhak Nimni will be appointed the commander of the School of Combat Engineering and Colonel Manor Yanai will command the Yahalom special engineering unit.

Colonel D. will be appointed the commander of the Shayetet 13 naval commando unit. His name cannot be publicized due to the classified nature of his unit.

All appointments are subject to approval by Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman.