Eylon Shalev-Amsalem
Eylon Shalev-Amsalem Courtesy of the family

The family of Eylon Shalev-Amsalem, who was killed in a car accident in Tel Aviv, responded on Sunday afternoon to the apology issued by the driver who killed him.

The driver, Eli Bar Zakai, earlier said, "My heart's with the family and the dear parents. I hope that the blessed Holy One will give them strength and with G-d's help they'll no longer know sorrow."

"We cannot accept this regret, which was made to sound like honest regret," the family said. "This is a manipulative expression of regret, which aims to serve his needs in court and to lessen his punishment."

"His regret sounds like a quote from a list of sentences he learned by heart. It lacks authenticity, and it's clear that it was said tongue in cheek.

"It is obvious that the accused is manipulating the truth and that he is willing to sacrifice it on the altar of his defense."

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