Hanin Zoabi
Hanin ZoabiHadas Parush/Flash 90

MK Hanin Zoabi (Joint Arab List) criticized IDF soldiers for blocking a Gaza-bound flotilla carrying leftist and anti-Israel activists.

"This violence is so standard for the soldiers that it's not even considered [violence]," Zoabi said. "They're used to shooting Gaza fishermen, so a few slaps and a taser to the head apparently don't seem violent to those armed 'heroes.'"

"Now, when those on the flotilla were released, it was obviously without a court case, because the State is worried about those testimonies and dealing legally with the piracy in international waters aimed at a foreign civilian ship which was not armed.

"The Freedom flotilla is still making its way to Gaza. It is expected to arrive soon. The piracy in international waters is a violation of international maritime law. Therefore, every soldier and commander who takes part in this piracy is carrying out an illegal order, an order which they are ordered to refuse.

"Such a soldier turns himself into a criminal who should be tried in a criminal court, just like the politicians who sent him to the sea should."

On Sunday, a vessel attempting to break Israel's maritime blockade of Gaza was stopped.

The seized ship, the 'al-Awda' (Return), was one of two vessels attempting to reach Gaza. The other ship, 'Freedom,' has not yet approached.

Activists claimed that the 'al-Awda' was carrying medical supplies for the Gaza Strip when the vessel was "hijacked by Israeli forces."

In February, Zoabi called IDF soldiers "murderers."

Last year, Zoabi said declared that it is not enough that Israel leave Gaza, Judea and Samaria. Rather, Israel should leave the "whole area."

"It is not enough that Israel should exit, should leave Gaza and the West Bank," she said then. "Zionism should leave also, from the whole area... We also within this vision define the matter of self-determination, not for the Jews - for the Israelis."