Captain Benayahu Cohen
Captain Benayahu CohenIDF Spokesperson

When I finished high school and continued on to the yeshiva, it was clear to me that I wanted to do meaningful service and enlist in a combat unit.

It was clear to me that my service would be one of the most important experiences in my life.

When I enlisted in the Kfir Brigade, I understood the great significance of the brigade. It is a combat unit that foils hostile terrorist activities in the most complex sectors. It fights terror in a densely populated area, in dangerous areas saturated with population.

I also realized how important every soldier in the brigade is. The fighters guard the residents daily and carry out offensive activities at night, protecting the home front in the cold and the heat. The teams are like family. They sleep together and go out for activities together. They stand side by side in the most difficult and the happiest moments. Without a doubt my service is a powerful and learning experience and it is especially enjoyable.

I welcome the new 'Kfirnikim.' This month you begin a period in your lives which you will never forget. During basic training you will undergo various training programs in the field. You will train and improve until you become professional soldiers. From every navigation and exercise, you will remember the little moments of laughter and yet add another level to your personality and another step with professionalism.

You will meet true friends who will become part of your family. You will get used to strict discipline, but always see before you the purpose for which you enlisted - to finish the course successfully, join the battalion, to go to activities and important operations - in short, to protect the home front.

I assure you that you will never forget the oath and the journey of the beret. After a long hard night of arduous journey, stand proudly with tears in your eyes as you receive the mottled cap. Your shoulder will ache from carrying the stretcher and your eyes will burn with fatigue, but you will stand there erect and proud of yourself and the soldiers you have become. You will feel what it is to guard the home front every day.

I am confident that you will meet all the challenges that stand in your way. I will conclude with important advice, live this moment and give it your all. Be proud to belong to the 'spotted brigade.' I wish you all success in the journeys to come!