Boaron in Amichai
Boaron in Amichai Hezki

Amona evacuee HQ head Avihai Boaron welcomed the Supreme Court's decision to dismiss Attorney Shahar Ben Meir's claim against the compensation that the government has given evacuees from Amona, Ofra and Netiv Ha'avot.

"We are happy that finally, a year and a half after the uprooting, we can begin to rebuild our lives and in the same breath ask the relevant bureaucracy not to create additional barriers to building a home," Boaron said.

"We welcome the High Court of Justice's decision to reject another petition by the radical left: The left's strategic goal is to harass Jewish life in Judea and Samaria. Therefore, hundreds of High Court petitions also apply to homes for compensation and against families and communities and neighborhoods and entire settlements, based on international law.

"But we are not broken - just as we built Amichai and brought the law of regulation out of the crisis of Amona so we continue to prosper and flourish. However, the politicians must stop this madness and apply the Israeli law to us, the only way to release 500,000 people and significantly improve their lives. "

Dr. Harel, the attorney who represented the residents, said in response: "The Supreme Court acknowledged the obvious today: when the state evacuates residents from settlements established with its encouragement and support, it is responsible for helping them rebuild their lives and communities. The justices proposed to the petitioner to withdraw his petition, and so he did."

Attorney Yitzhak Meron, who represented the Gush Etzion council, added, "This is a futile suit by those who live in mansions which caused great suffering to families and casual abuse."