MikvahFlash 90

A Tzfat rabbi told parents not to send or bring their children to the mikvah (ritual bath).

"Last Friday, a tragedy almost occurred when a seven-year-old was unsupervised and nearly drowned," Rabbi Bistritsky, who leads the city's Chabad community, wrote in a letter.

"It was only thanks to the quick wits of an adult who recognized the danger signs and immediately pulled the child out of the water, that a huge tragedy was prevented."

Rabbi Bistritsky also noted another safety issue inherent in bringing children to the mikvah.

"In addition to all of this, it should be remembered that the mikvah is not a place for small children, who may be harmed, even when they come together with an older brother or an adult. And this is not the place to explain the issue at length," he wrote.

Recently, there have been several drownings and near-drownings in pools and mikvahs, and even a bucket, around the country. Most of these were due to a lack of proper supervision.