MK Sharren Haskel (Likud) addressed left-wing criticism of the Nationality Law. "Unfortunately, the opposition is exploiting the current situation to ride a wave of incitement, division and hatred, in order to sweep up seats," she said during Arutz Sheva’s conference last night at the King David Hotel, featuring Israeli public figures and members of a delegation of US President Donald Trump's associates.

"The Nationality Law is not racist, it is part of the Zionist vision of this country. Our tremendous achievement is a celebration. To come and create more hatred based on nothing - it hurts to see this situation."

Haskel also responded to Druze protest against the law. "It's impossible to argue with their personal feelings and I do not complain about it, but they live in the country and know exactly what the symbols of the state are and what the context of the nation is."

"There is also room for the demands of the Druze in the laws, and they will be dealt with in the future constitution of the state. We want to come and promote freedom and equality of rights, but this is a matter for another law. The Nationalism Law defines the character of the state and not the civilian rights,” she concluded.

ח"כ השכל: "האופוזציה רוכבת על גל של הסתה ושנאה כדי לגרוף מנדטים"