TzfatDavid Cohen, Flash 90

The northern city of Tzfat is becoming more haredi, residents say.

Though the city's various sectors usually get along well, some residents have begun complaining during vacations.

"The city of Tzfat is filled with haredim who come vacation in and around the Old City," said Kobi, who lives in Tzfat and owns a small business.

"What draws the haredi population to Tzfat are the cemeteries, the nostalgic atmosphere, and the city's many old synagogues. We have no problem with that, but local residents feel like they're being pushed out during these periods."

Tzfat's "mehadrin" (stringently kosher) kosher supervision expressed its satisfaction, emphasizing that the "haredization" help the city's economy.

"Something good happens to the northern city during these days," they said. "The vacation season brings with a lot of foreign money to a city which so desperately needs a thriving economy. There are many businesses whose profits are made mostly during this busy period, when the city is filled to bursting with many tourists and vacationers."

"The first ones to profit are those in the food business, who are positively influenced by the haredim, mostly during vacations but not just. Apparently, the massive haredization which the city is undergoing, together with the vacation season which brings mostly haredim, has led to an enormous rise in the number of restaurants and businesses requesting stringently kosher certification."