Temple Mount riotng (archive)
Temple Mount riotng (archive) Reuters

The Israel Police aroused ire on social media today (Friday) over an odd statement to the press in which it said the reason for Muslim rioting on Temple Mount is "unclear and hard to understand".

"When the prayer on the Temple Mount ended," read the statement, "in an act that was unclear and hard to understand, the hurling of rocks and firebombs at the police forces began. At the instruction of the commander of the Jerusalem District, police forces entered the Mount and the evacuation on the Temple Mount began."

Facebook and Twitter users honed in on the use of the words "unclear and hard to understand."

Ofir Dayan noted: "It is unclear and hard to understand that this happened a month ago, too. Since when is the police spokesman's job to serve as defense attorney and give explanations for operational events?"

Ayelet Lash commented sarcastically: "In an act that was unclear and hard to understand, they throw rocks, firebombs, tires, boulders, burn homes, fields, vehicles, they fire fireworks and live bullets into homes, they drive like animals with weapons drawn, they murder, stab, sexually harass, attack and run wild. In an unclear and hard to understand way, for the past 100 years. But the Israel Police do not understand. They don't understand."