A recent article published by the Israel Women's Lobby included "exclusion of women" allegations against a pool in an Ashkelon resort village.

The article claims that following the request of religious soldiers not to swim together with female soldiers from the Badelas Battalion, the soldiers received an order to leave the pool.

However, further examination in the Hebrew "Public Forum" site presents a completely different picture. In the Ashkelon resort there is separate time allocation for men's and women's bathing in the pool. During other hours swimming is mixed.

This contradicts the soldier's claims that they came at a time when the pool was allocated for men's swimming and therefore they were asked to leave.

Public Forum head Itay Granak says, "neither exclusion nor religization. Crude lies under the cover of hatred and incessant incitement among various sectors towards Judaism and tradition in the State of Israel. It's clear to everyone that if the opposite happened, and it was bathing time for the women, it would have been the male soldiers who were asked to leave the pool.

"The lies of the operatives and disengagement organizations continue to flow, they mislead Israel, and the Women's Lobby is very content to tell half-truths, to inflate the cases and come out with aggressive advertising aimed at promoting a break with tradition and of course raising funds for their association."

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