GendelmanFlash 90

Hadera Mayor Zvika Gendelman, who was ousted by his party's Chairman MK Yair Lapid, said today there was no flaw in his actions, and he accused Lapid of hurrying to throw him out of party ranks while he was in detention.

"Anyone who has a camera in the office for a year will find something. There's no-one who won't find a crime with it, knowingly or not," he said in an interview with Ro'i Yanovsky of Kann. However, he clarified that everything was within the framework of "political discourse".

During the interview he stung Yair Lapid on his decision to oust him from Yesh Atid.' "It's not leadership, I heard in detention that I was suspended from Yesh Atid. You couldn't wait five days to look me in the eye. My lawyer asked me if he couldn't wait for my body to cool.

Yesh Atid responded: "Every public figure against whom a criminal investigation is opened will be suspended from the party. We wish he'll prove his innocence and we'll accept him back."