The Tanach Study Days of the Herzog College took place this year under the theme Tanach Around the World.

The acronym Tanach stands for Torah, Nevi'im, Ketuvim, signifying the Five Books of Moses, the Prophets, and the Writings, colloquially referred to as the Jewish Bible.

In the college's framework there were many lessons in English, French, and Spanish designed to enable additional audiences to experience and study Tanach in depth.

In the Spanish-speaking group, veteran immigrants from the country were met with a number of teachers from Latin America, such as the director of a teacher's college in Argentina, who spoke of her desire to connect teachers and students to the Tanach and the land of the Tanach.

The group's arrival continues a Spanish-language seminar held a few weeks ago, offering significant learning and connecting to foreign language speakers. Herzog College plans to continue developing the connection with this population through various means, such as the Spanish translation of the We Were Dreamers project alongside parts from their Tanach site.

In the French sector one would meet several teachers and women from Paris. They were accompanied by a group of 25 teachers from New York who participated in a Tanach training program for the college, and arrived in Israel for two weeks, traveling with the Tanach throughout the country for one week, and during the second week learning Tanach in-depth in Hebrew and English.

Tanach going back to being Book of Books
Tanach going back to being Book of BooksSpokesman

The broadening audiences expressed in the choice to empower the language issue is particularly evident in remarks of President Reuven Rivlin, who participated in the seminar's opening session and in the second cycle of the daily chapter study opening.

The President noted a recent survey that found more than 50% of youth do not like learning Tanach, and suggested to take the difficulty as a challenge: "You at Herzog College and Yeshivat Har Etzion, who are the beating heart of Tanach studies, are aware of the gap between the Tanach and the people. But the question is not how they will learn the Tanach in these fascinating study sessions; the question is how we will ensure the continued viewing of the Tanach as the founding book of the Jewish People."

Project 929 international Tanach study program head Rabbi Benny Lau noted the significance of learning a new chapter every day in an organized manner. "Underlying this whole journey is the movement that seeks to allow every person to access the Book of Books from his place and his faith. The sons of the children of those who stood at the bottom of the mountain seek to return to the inheritance of their parents, by right and not by grace, freedom and not coercion; love and not fear."

College head Rabbi Yehuda Brandes thanked President Rivlin for the great honor he bestowed with his presence during the seminar and the opening of the daily chapter study. "The fact that the President of the State is here and studies with us together sends a message to every child and adolescent about the importance of studying Tanach."

Yeshivat Har Etzion head Rabbi Yaakov Medan found it difficult to conceal his excitement before the packed study halls. "I remember the days when Tanach was relegated to some corner. We're privileged today to see how the entire Jewish People learns Tanach in all kinds of ways. This book is back to being the Book of Books that everyone is finally looking for. I can only thank the Almighty for allowing me to see it."