Separating from sons at induction center
Separating from sons at induction centerTomer Neuberg/Flash90

Zehava Oron and Leah Goldin, mothers of Lt. Hadar Goldin, and of Staff Sergeant Oron Shaul whose bodies have been held by Hamas since Operation Protective Edge, arrived today at the IDF Induction Center and spoke with mothers whose sons are enlisting in the Givati ​​and Golani brigades.

Goldin shared with Arutz Sheva her difficulty attending the event and memories of Hadar's Hy"d mobilization: "It's hard, hard... it's a knife in the heart to see the 'welcome' signs and hear the song 'Who dreamed Givati' playing in the head, and remember Hadar and Tzur's inductions, and come back here with the mothers enlisting their soldiers and I remind them that there's an alliance between the people of Israel and this government that whoever sends soldiers into battle must return them in any condition: alive, wounded, or killed."

Zehava Shaul said, "I came to strengthen the parents whose children are enlisting in Golani and Givati, I strengthen them and I'll also ask them to strengthen us and help bring back Oron and Hadar."

Shaul said of the warm treatment she received: "People hug and kiss us and I hope it will have an effect. We want the boys home, so we'll do everything to bring them back - both Hadar and Oron."

"We're here to help mothers to help us bring this alliance back into place," added Goldin. "Four years later, with the strongest army in the world, with Israel's strong position, and with international support - the Prime Minister must wake up and the soldiers should be brought back here and now."

Goldin admits she was afraid to come to the place and did not know how people would react, "I was afraid, but I see the people are just with us, because every mother understands it, I don't have to explain."

In conclusion, she spoke excitedly about the special significance the battalion holds for her, "for us and for all the people who send away soldiers, this place is the Holy of Holies. Here we hand over our child to the IDF. Here we cease to be responsible for our child and there's someone else who decides for our child."

"מחזקת את הוריי החיילים, מבקשת שיחזקו אותנו"