Shechita kosher slaughter
Shechita kosher slaughter Flash 90

A proposed bill in the Polish parliament that would place restrictions on Shechitah (the kosher process of slaughtering animals) was removed from the legislative agenda a short while ago and will not be debated in parliament.

Polish Agriculture Minister Jan Ardanowski made the announcement at a press conference in Glasgow, Poland.

Ardanowski who assumed office very recently, was hosted by Rabbi Michael Schudrich, Chief Rabbi of Poland where he promised the rabbi to work on removing the proposed legislation. Rabbi Schudrich was more than gracious for Ardanowki’s help in that regard.

"In the bill, which seeks to limit kosher slaughtering for the needs of the community only, many elements have been included that sought to ban the cultivation of animals for the use of their fur,” Schudrich noted. "Both of these are cardinal to the Polish economy.”

Nevertheless, Schudrich expressed faith that Warsaw holds the needs of Polish Jewish community in important stature.

“There is no doubt that the consideration of safeguarding the interests of Poland's Jewish citizens has been and still is before the Polish leadership.”

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