Illegal Arab building demolished in Jerusalem
Illegal Arab building demolished in JerusalemFlash 90

Two Arab families on Thursday demolished their Jerusalem homes to prevent Israelis from moving in after they left, Reuters reported.

The demolish follows a January ruling that the Arab homes were constructed illegally on land which had belonged to a Jew since 1974.

The Arab squatters originally claimed to have bought the land "in good faith," but the ruling noted that their documents were forgeries.

At least one of the Arab families refused several offers of cash in exchange for allowing his home to remain standing, instead choosing to pay tens of thousands of shekels for the demolition.

Israel Land Fund Director Aryeh King told Reuters that there are no immediate plans for new construction, and that the original purchasers had sold the land to other Israelis.

Earlier this month, King, who also serves as a member of Jerusalem's city council, said that Jerusalem Arabs are "celebrating illegal construction and there is no one to stop them."

"Illegal construction in the Arab sector continues in huge numbers and is becoming an irreversible disaster in Jerusalem," he emphasized.