nurse with the toddler
nurse with the toddlerZiv Medical Center

A one-year-old and eight-month-old toddler from Safed who was critically injured a week ago, was operated on and treated in the emergency room, recovered and regained consciousness. She will return to her family soon.

The child was brought to the emergency room at the Ziv Medical Center a week ago after being accidentally run over by her father. She was treated in a critical condition in the trauma room, suffering from severe internal bleeding and the collapse of multiple internal systems, which caused her to enter a state of shock and stop breathing. The child required artificial respiration.

She was rushed to the operating room, where urgent surgical procedures were performed to stop the bleeding in the chest cavity and to repair damaged organs, especially her left lung, was badly damaged during the accident.

After the emergency operation, the child was transferred in critical condition to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Dr. Yuri Wiener, director of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the Ziv Medical Center, said that "during the intensive treatment period, vital medical operations were performed when the baby was anesthetized and put on artificial respiration. Towards the end of the week it appears that further improvement of the situation and improvement of her condition occurred."

"At the beginning of the week, the pediatric intensive care unit helped the toddler with a slow process of respiration, and today it is possible to say that the baby is feeling well, fully conscious, breathing on her own, smiling, playing and even taking a few steps, with the help of nurses and parents. We are very pleased with the progress of her recovery," Dr. Wiener said.

Dr. Lily Ha-Ya'ari, director of the pediatric surgery department in which the toddler is currently hospitalized, said: "The toddler was seriously injured in her upper body due to the accident, and her chest and lungs were severely damaged and her condition deteriorated quickly. The baby needed an emergency operation to save her life, which included opening the chest and stopping the bleeding in the abdomen and lungs. She was hospitalized in a pediatric intensive care unit, anesthetized and placed on artificial respiration, surrounded by an extended team of doctors and nurses who worked around the clock to save her life."

"After a few days the baby recovered, her condition gradually, improved and she was transferred to the pediatric surgery department when she was already in a stable and alert state. Today she walks, eats, smiles and stays for continued treatment, rehabilitation and supervision in the ward. She will probably be released in the next few days to her family and of course she will be followed up on. We wish the sweet toddler full health," added Dr. Ha-Ya'ari.

The toddler's parents, who waited nervously during their daughter's hospitalization, thanked the medical staff and G-d for the baby's miraculous recovery. "We thank God for the miracles he has done and thank all the staff at Ziv Medical Center, who are loyal emissaries, for saving the live of our dear daughter and for bringing her back to us whole and healthy."