Together every evening
Together every eveningAriel - Nerya Branch

Members of the Neria branch of the Ariel youth movement gather daily for joint Torah study between afternoon and evening prayers.

"When a cadet decides on Torah during summer vacation, he remains a scion of Torah. We see children in other places who go lost during vacation and return to school after a spiritual decline, so we decided to invest in this project," says group coordinator Shmuel Shachor.

The daily learning for children joins the many projects of the Ariel branch in the village of Neria, in West Binyamin.

In the near future, an activities corner will open in memory of Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin, murdered three years ago in a terror attack.

The corner was built by the scouts after Neriah residents opened their hearts and contributed towards the Henkin couple's soul-ascent.

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