A nine-year-old girl was declared dead at a Dead Sea hotel Wednesday morning, after she drowned in the hotel’s swimming pool.

Emergency first responders were called to the hotel Wednesday morning after the girl was pulled from the water.

Witnesses say the girl had been underwater for several minutes before she was recovered from the pool.

MDA paramedics attempted to resuscitate the girl, but were ultimately forced to declare her dead at the scene.

“When we got there, we saw a nine-year-old girl lying unconscious next to a swimming pool,” said MDA paramedic Dorel Arzouan. “She was not breathing and had no pulse. We were told that she had been pulled from the water after she had been underwater for several minutes.”

“We provided medical treatment including compressions and breathing techniques, treatment with medication, and advanced resuscitation techniques, but in the end we were forced to declare her death.”