Rabbi Yaakov Ariel
Rabbi Yaakov ArielOfer Amram

Senior religious Zionist rabbis published a joint statement today saying conversion law outline formulated by former Minister Moshe Nissim should not be rejected outright because disqualifying the plan would strengthen Reform conversions in the State of Israel.

Rabbi Chaim Druckman, Rabbi Yaakov Ariel, Rabbi Tzfania Drori, Rabbi Eliezer Waldman, Rabbi Isser Klonsky, and Rabbi Aryeh Stern published a joint call for the Rabbinical Conference to be held tomorrow in Jerusalem.

"The Supreme Court has already recognized private conversions by Rabbi Karelitz's court, and without the Conversion Law it will also recognize private conversions by the Reform. Fifteen years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that Reform conversions performed abroad should be recognized, and the haredi Interior Minister has registered them as Jews throughout the years," the rabbis said.

"A law to ensure conversion be solely in accordance with the Torah under the guidance of the Chief Rabbinate and that no other conversions be recognized in the State of Israel is absolutely essential. Such a law is proposed by former minister Mr. Moshe Nissim, who favors converting to Judaism according to Torah law alone, and opposes Reform conversion.

"There are three elements in his bill that guarantee this: the first is that the conversion authority head may be appointed only with consent of the Great Beit Din President, conversion will be conducted only according to Torah law, and the judges can only be ordained by the Chief Rabbinate. If there is a need for amendments to Mr. Moshe Nissim's bill it is appropriate to call him and fix with him what needs correction, 'And truth and peace shall reign,'" the rabbis add.