NetanyahuPhoto by Gili Yaari/Flash90

Prime Minister and Likud Chairman Binyamin Netanyahu warned Hamas at the beginning of his faction meeting not to continue to provoke Israel.

"I was in a meeting with community heads in the Gaza area and I also met the wonderful children there. We're in a process, it involves an exchange of blows; it involves force and will," Netanyahu said.

He added, "We come as the other side must recognize there's a steel wall of a determined government, strong local leadership, of Zionist settlement that we are strengthening and we will strengthen with words and of course of a strong army, the IDF, which we're all proud of and we all salute."

Netanyahu also referred to approving advancing the plan to protect the home front. "I am now coming from a cabinet meeting in which we decided to allocate a NIS 5 billion multi-year plan for 2019-2030 for continuing home front protective activity and to improve preparedness for earthquakes and emergency situations. The first step will be an immediate NIS 500 million to be allocated first to protect the northern communities. This is the burning issue, and of course the whole issue is at the top of our agenda. We treat it as it's never been treated before."

Regarding the Nationality Law, the Prime Minister said he believes that despite the disagreements, the law will be approved. "Our members, Minister Yariv Levin, Amir Ohana, and Avi Dichter are leading the Nationality Law for us, and I very much hope that if not in the next few hours then in coming days, as we have said, we'll pass this law, which is very important to ensure the foundation of our existence which is Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people."