Bismuth (R) and Kedar (C) at Katif Conference
Bismuth (R) and Kedar (C) at Katif ConferenceSpokesman

Israel Hayom's Editor-in-Chief Boaz Bismuth, who is taking part in the Katif conference today, addressed the issue of covering the Arab-Israeli conflict in the international media.

In reply to a question posed by panel moderator Lital Shemesh, Bismuth said that as a journalist and as ambassador he had gained one insight that is important for us to recognize: "When we Israelis know how to stand up for our opinion, our position, and for what is important to us, the world will follow us, including in the international media."

Bismuth shared his positive feelings from meeting and interviewing US President Donald Trump. "I interviewed the American President three times in the White House and despite the criticisms, I experienced the small talk before and after the interview, and I know what I met. This is an American President who recognizes Israel, its sovereignty, and who thinks in favor of Israel's security."

Bismuth summed up with, "As long as it's more important to the Palestinians that we have no state than they do have a state - there will be no peace."

Efrat Council head and Yesha Council's foreign affairs department head Oded Ravivi estimated that had the struggle for disengagement been held today, it would have looked different. "Today the disengagement wouldn't happen any more, because today we're all journalists and with a little work we'll get to everyone. Today's social networks allow one to raise awareness in every single home and with everyone."

Ravivi spoke about public relations efforts he is partnering with: "If once everyone was told that we in settlement were obstacles to peace - we toured the area with delegations and the media and we managed to change their minds," he said.

Middle East expert Dr. Mordechai Kedar stressed, "Hamas in Gaza smashed the Palestinian dream to pieces. It's not in the public consciousness."

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