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The children of the "Tiferet Banim" special education school in Jerusalem were miraculously saved when a tractor hit a gas pipe located about half a meter (one and a half feet) from the classrooms.

The incident took place last Wednesday. Police forces, firefighters, Magen David Adom paramedics and members of the hazardous materials unit who were called to evacuate the children quickly.

The municipal security officer ordered the director of the institution not to return the children to school until further notice. Hours later, the municipality announced that the school could resume its studies as usual.

A day after the incident, the gas was found to be leaking again, endangering the students. Firefighters were called to the scene once again to evacuate the children.

Some of the students' parents told Arutz Sheva that they were stunned by the municipality's conduct, which permitted the children to go back to their classes when there was still a danger. The parents demanded the allocation of a suitable alternative structure for the school to use.

"This is negligence that begins with contempt and indifference and ends with a great disaster," the parents said. "Is there no responsible adult in the Jerusalem municipality who understands the implications of a school full of children located on a mass of gas? Why is there no suitable building to serve our children with special needs? Why did not anyone check the area to make sure that there were no dangers such as the gas?

"We are not going to rely on another miracle, but will act with all the means at our disposal to ensure the physical and mental well-being of our children. We demand that the Jerusalem Municipality provide our children with a suitable and immediate alternative," added the worried parents.

The Jerusalem municipality responded: "This is not true. The event was run only by the authorized bodies, the Israel Police and firefighters, who passed the instructions regarding evacuation and return, in accordance with their authority. The municipality does not initiate such guidelines, which are not under its responsibility, but only assists in dealing with the incident under the authorized bodies."