Rozin and Smotrich
Rozin and Smotrich Flash 90

MK Michal Rozin (Meretz) slammed the law on transferring powers relating to Judea and Samaria from the Supreme Court to the Administrative Affairs Court that was approved this morning by the committee.

"I call on the legal department not to legitimize what's inherently illegitimate. This law has one goal: To legitimize the creeping occupation and to bypass the Supreme Court. Don't cooperate in it," Rozin exclaimed.

The Knesset Member added, "They ask me how I'm friends with Smotrich, and the answer is that he at least tells the truth and doesn't hide behind excuses about easing the burden on the Supreme Court."

Rozin Flash 90

Rosin called on coalition members to declare the true intent of the law: "Stand up on your feet before the world and decide to annex Judea and Samaria. Every day you bring a new annexation law, partially you succeed, like my colleague MK Mualem, who already succeeded with several laws," she said, calling on coalition members to declare their true intent: .

"You'll never have another government like this, right-wing, settler, corrupt, fascist, and racist, the most right-wing ever. You guys want to do it, don't say the Left is bothering you, it's a law of annexation and occupation."

Smotrich, Rozin
Smotrich, Rozin Flash 90

ח"כ רוזין: ממשלה ימנית, מתנחלית וגזענית