Duma defendant lawyers
Duma defendant lawyers Flash 90

The Central District Court today accepted the request of Attorney Adi Keidar and Attorney Tzion Amir of the Honenu legal aid organization representing the minor in the Duma affair and ordered him released to house arrest with electronic tracking and supervision.

The decision is being read at this time.

About a month ago the Lod District Court ruled the confessions of the two defendants in the Duma murder case, in which the three Dawabsha family members were killed, were admissible for most purposes except those charged relying on "special means" i.e. torture. Such confessions were disqualified.

Amiram Ben Uliel, the main defendant, is charged with three counts of murder for throwing a firebomb into the bedroom of the Arab family with intent to cause death. He is also charged with two counts of attempted murder, arson, and conspiracy to commit a crime motivated by racism.

The minor is accused of conspiring to commit murder, but not of murder itself. It was claimed he did not ultimately go out to carry out the act, but was involved in the planning. In addition he is charged with six counts of committing a series of arson offenses in other locations and other offenses.