Jews visit the graves of Elazar and Itamar
Jews visit the graves of Elazar and Itamar IDF spokesperson

On Tuesday night, 400 Jews arrived at the graves of Elazar and Itamar in the Palestinian Authority-controlled town of Awarta, near Shechem (Nablus).

Elazar and Itamar were the sons of Aharon (Aaron) the High Priest.

The group was heavily secured by the Kfir Brigade, who serve as part of the Samaria Regional Brigade.

Samaria Brigade Regional Defense Officer Major Shlomi Cohen said, "It's not often that there is a secured trip to the graves of Elazar and Itamar. Tonight, the visit to Awarta was accompanied by IDF forces, in order to allow organized prayer at the site."

"Entry to the graves of righteous people is done in a concentrated fashion and is possible through organized coordination with the brigade. This time as well, brigade forces acted in order to ensure order at the site and to ensure the visitors' safety.

"The prayers ended successfully and safely. The IDF will continue to do all it can in order to continue ensuring the security of both the residents and the region."

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