Hamas terrorists
Hamas terroristsFlash 90

Members of Hamas' intelligence department, led by Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, met to discuss the main issue in the Israel-Hamas conflict and a possible Hamas-Palestinian Authority (PA) reconciliation.

Following the meeting, Hamas publicized a statement praising the efforts to remove the "siege" on Gaza and condemning the PA for "trying to ensure these efforts fail by falsely claiming that the efforts are part of the 'deal of the century.'"

Hamas leaders also publicized their agreement to an Egyptian initiative to create a new peace agreement and arrange a meeting in Cairo between Hamas and Fatah leaders.

The Palestinian Authority is led by the Fatah group. Last year, a peace agreement failed due to "obstacles."

Hamas leaders also said the terror group is willing to work towards a peace agreement based on partnership in the fight against Israel, as well as make decisions jointly with the PA. Hamas' conditions for such a peace agreement include immediate cancellation of the punishments inflicted on Gaza by the PA, reformation of the Palestine Liberation Organization via elections for the "Palestinian National Council," and full implementation of the agreement made in Cairo in 2011.

In addition, Hamas leadership expressed full support for the continuation of the fight against Israel, emphasizing that all means are legitimate until the "occupation" is eliminated and the terrorists' goals are met. They also praised the lone-wolf intifada and promised that the violent Gaza riots would continue.

Jerusalem, they said, is a "red line" and Hamas leadership blamed Israel and the US for "plotting to harm UNRWA in order to eliminate the problem of the refugees."