NetanyahuHillel Meir/TPS

The Lahav 433 investigative police unit questioned Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday as well as businessman Shaul Elovitch, former controlling shareholder of Bezeq.

"The prime minister was questioned for several hours at his residence today in the course of an investigation being carried out by the national fraud and serious crimes unit and the securities authority," the police said.

It was the eleventh time Netanyahu has been questioned in relation to the investigations against him.

Following the interrogation the Prime Minister's office released an announcement stating: "Nothing new has been presented to the prime minister today. Prime Minister Netanyahu has never made a deal with Elovitch in exchange for sympathetic coverage."

"On the contrary, over the years, Prime Minister Netanyahu has consistently been covered in a hostile manner by the Walla website, and this negative coverage reached its peak in a flood of virulent articles on the eve of the elections in 2015. This is exactly the period of time that he is being bullied for allegedly making the Bezeq-Yes deal," the statement added.

"The Prime Minister signed the merger after a series of decisions with professional committees, including the Anti-Trust Authority and the Cable and Satellite Council, and after the explicit instruction of the Communications Ministry's legal adviser.

"There is not one case that was presented to the prime minister, in which he did not sign the recommendations of the professionals, and he did not provide any special service for Elovitch.

In the news, it was reported that in parallel to the investigation by Netanyahu and Elovitch, associates of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, attorneys David Shamron and Yitzhak Molcho, gave "open testimony" to the police in the course of the investigation of the affair.