Talpiot College is an academic teacher training institute, established as a source of educational leadership for the Religious Zionist community in Israel. Registration has opened for a special retraining program: Teacher's Certificate in T.E.F.L. (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

"There is a demand for English teachers, but there's certainly a demand for native speakers, or near-native speakers," said Native Speaker Retraining Program Coordinator Marsha Hachmon. "One of the issues we have in many schools is they have English teachers that don't speak English well... We do as much as we can to help them find places of work, to make the transition from student to teacher as smooth as possible.

"Very quickly the students in our program understood that with hard work and with our support and our help and them then supporting each other, they were able to succeed very nicely and they're all very excited and almost all of them have found jobs for next year, which is very exciting for all of us" Hachmon says.

The one year program consistes of 2 semesters and 1 intensive study week (studies will end at the end of June 2019). Studies take place 3 days a week, including practical training. Disciplinary studies and practical training is given in schools. The program is based on an Education Ministry conditional (two years teaching) loan. There will be no additional tuition beyond the conditional loan. Childcare for infants is available at the college.

Candidates must be native or near native English speakers, degree holders from accredited academic institutions, and candidates who meet conditions of the applicant entrance committee and national entrance exam.

Talpiot aims to train educators whose values are grounded in Jewish roots, but at the same time are open to others, and aware of the changes taking place in our globalized world. Its founders believed that teacher training is a national challenge, a credo that still guides the College's policy.