Sharon family farm, Shikmim Farm, in Southern Israel near Sderot
Sharon family farm, Shikmim Farm, in Southern Israel near Sderotצילום: Flash 90

Gaza Arabs used incendiary kites to start fires last weekend in the Shikmim Ranch area, the Ariel Sharon family farm near Sderot. This is not the first time incendiary kites reached the farm area, as already earlier last week a major fire resulted from a kite that was launched into the area.

Shikmim Ranch owner and son of late Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Gilad Sharon calls on Israel to act vigorously against arson warfare.

Gilad Sharon
Gilad SharonFlash 90

"It can't be that one side of the fence is green and the other black, it doesn't make sense. There's an elected government there organized to burn our territory, and we do nothing? If the Argentinians burned the Brazilians' territories, the Brazilians wouldn't burn back?" Sharon in an interview with Radio 101.5FM.

Sharon added "this isn't fate and it's manageable. They have to be offset for every shekel of damage they cause: the fires in the agricultural areas, the forests, and the nature reserves. We must collect this immediately from the funds Israel collects for the Palestinians. There's no reason why our taxes should pay for the damage caused to us by the Palestinians."