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Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz spoke of the Judea and Samaria water problem and sharply criticized Defense Ministry conduct in everything related to attempts to solve it.

In a conversation with Shilo Adler at which Arutz Sheva was present, the Minister described the solutions presented until now. "There's the Ariel drilling and laying the line in the Ofarim-Beit Aryeh area, which unfortunately, due to the defense establishment, instead of starting in December or January, only two months ago were approved. I couldn't understand their bureaucracy. Once we have this line, we'll have a complete solution for the next two to three years. After that, we're planning much deeper infrastructures," explains Minister Steinitz.

"It annoys me that we could have solved the problem this year. If the Defense Ministry had given the same authorization we received two months ago in January, there'd be no water problem. This year we'll have to deal with problems, but next year the situation will be different," the Minister promised.

He also talked about future plans to upgrade water systems. "I gave an order to plan the water system now, beyond the operations we are in the middle of, with an estimate that there will be a million Jewish residents in Judea and Samaria. That's why we're building the infrastructure."

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