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A young Jew was violently attacked by a number of Arabs near the Givat Asaf junction in Binyamin, while at the Oz Tzion outpost.

Up to this point the main suspects in the act, whom the young man has clearly identified, have not yet been investigated by police.

Attorney Chaim Bleicher of the Honeinu legal aid organization representing the young man submitted a request to the Judea Samaria District Police to arrest the main suspects in the attack and to summon a security official who witnessed the attackers' identity. In his letter, Bleicher noted the victim identified his attackers with certainty, although they changed their clothes and showered after the incident.

The letter also stated soldiers arriving at the scene noticed the suspects and the original clothes worn by the attackers during the incident. Despite all this, the police did not arrest the suspects, but summoned their father the next day for interrogation only.

The letter also stated the day before the suspect's vineyard was damaged, apparently in a "price tag" retaliation carried out in the area of ​​the village. "It's possible that the attackers were looking for someone on whom to release their anger, and my client (who had nothing to do with the damage to the vineyard) fell victim to them," the letter says.

Attorney Bleicher said, "An attack and attempt to kill an Israeli should be taken with all seriousness and determination. The police should have immediately arrested the suspects in the serious attack and not released them before circumstances were clarified. These are rioters who sought to release their anger on an Israeli encountered in their way. These terrorists are dangerous and unfortunately are wandering freely, and it's possible that at this moment they're looking for additional Israeli victims."

The police responded, "The police opened an investigation into the attack, which is still under investigation, and the investigation indicates there was a mutual attack, according to which various interrogation activities were carried out and which we are unable to detail at this stage and are aimed at arriving at the truth. If the complainant has additional details or information he has not yet provided the police, he should submit them as soon as possible to advance the investigation."