Putting out fires in Gaza area
Putting out fires in Gaza areaKKL

A security source referred to the weekend incidents around the security fence adjacent to the Gaza perimeter communities.

"The reason for the army's non-response lies in two areas," he says. "The first area is negotiations that have been accelerated in recent days on the issue of Gaza as a whole and the prisoners in particular, and the second is the north.

"The army sees the northern sector as the main fighting task, with intensification of forces in the north and growing Iranian presence despite the developing agreements with the rebel organizations."

The source adds that in the four years since Operation Protective Edge deterrence has not weakened, and Israel currently prefers to maintain a quiet border at the request of everyone to try to create an environment that will restore the situation to its previous status, including returning POWs and MIAs.

In this context, the London-based Al-Hayat newspaper reported last week that indirect negotiations over a prisoner exchange deal between Israel and Hamas, mediated by Germany, have been taking place.

"Under the surface," says the source, "operations are being carried out both politically and operationally, and one shouldn't think deterrence has weakened in light of the fact that we're not reacting."