Terror kites
Terror kites Reuters

Kite terror continues to approach the center of the country and "conquer" new targets: A short while ago a kite that was released from Gaza landed in the haredi community of Komemiyut northwest of Kiryat Gat, and caused panic.

The kite landed in the area of ​​the synagogue. Security forces summoned to the site are checking whether the kite is carrying explosives.

Over the weekend, many incendiary kites and balloons were launched to the vicinity of nearby communities, causing more than 20 fires at different locations.

Among other incidents, a brush fire occurred in the area of ​​Kibbutz Or Haner in the Gaza vicinity. After hours of effort, nine firefighting teams and four firefighting planes were able to subdue the fire.

Another fire broke out in the area of ​​Kibbutz Nir Am west of Sderot. According to firefighters, over the past weekend, more than 20 fires were dealt with in the Be'eri, Shokeda and Kissufim forests.