Demonstrating torture applied to Duma affair suspect minors
Demonstrating torture applied to Duma affair suspect minorsFlash 90
Lod District Court Judge Ami Kobo ordered, contrary to the prosecutor's position, to submit within a week a supplementary report on the minor accused in the Duma case, to examine the possibility of releasing him to house arrest.

The decision came sooner than expected, as the judge first ruled a hearing to be held on the matter this Thursday. Additionally, the judge ordered checking the possibility of an electronic tracking bracelet for the minor. The judge asked the opinion be submitted to the court this week, by Wednesday.

Attorney Adi Kedar of the Honenu legal aid organization representing the minor together with Attorney Zion Amir Messer said: "Immediately after the decision in the mini-trial, we submitted a request to order the defendant's release. Unfortunately and to our dismay, the prosecution strongly opposed the request. This resistance is out of place; it doesn't respect the court's decision.

"A person shouldn't automatically be in custody until the end of proceedings - certainly not a minor, and certainly not for two-and-a-half years - and especially after such a decision, I would expect the State Prosecutor's Office to ease up. Easing up doesn't mean conceding his innocence, but please continue the process in a fair and proper manner.

"I'm glad the court's advancing with us step-by-step and ordered a supplementary report. I hope this review will bring, quickly and after all the hardships we've undergone, to releasing the defendant," Kedar added.