Rescue in Thailand (illustrative)
Rescue in Thailand (illustrative) Reuters

Thai authorities on Friday said one of those working to rescue 12 children trapped in a flooded cave died due to lack of oxygen.

The soccer team and their coach were found alive on Monday after being trapped in a cave in Thailand for over a week. The team had entered the cave after a soccer game on June 23, and rescue divers have been working since then to save them.

The heroic volunteer, 38-year-old Sergeant Diver Samarn Kunan, lost consciousness when he ran out of oxygen while delivering oxygen tanks to the team, an official said.

Others are working to retrieve his body.

Local weather reports indicate that the weekend will be rainy, raising concerns that the water level will rise and endanger the lives of those still trapped.

Thirty military divers arrived near the caves on Thursday night, and are expected to join the over 80 divers which are already working to rescue the victims.