Activists at Khan al-Amar
Activists at Khan al-Amar Eliran Aharon

Right-wing activists from the 'Otzmah Yehudit' (Jewish Strength) organization arrived Thursday at the illegal Bedouin outpost of Khan al-Ahmar, which the Supreme Court ruled must be demolished.

The activists were joined by representatives from Amona, Nativ Ha'avot and Kfar Tapuah who were evicted from their homes, and protested the gap between the government's policies toward Jewish and Arab residents.

"A situation in which the right-wing government is quick to comply with the High Court of Justice's statements when it comes to Jewish communities, even at the cost of destroying the lives of many families, but is helpless when it comes to the Arabs, cannot continue. We demand justice," Otzmah Yehudit said in a statement.

אנשי עוצמה לישראל והמפונים בדיר אל אחמר