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The Israel Defense Forces has launched a campaign to prevent its soldiers from being tricked by hackers from terrorist groups attempting to install spyware on their cell phones.

The IDF announced on Tuesday that it had launched Operation Broken Heart, so named because operatives pose on social media as attractive females to convince soldiers to download infected applications for dating websites, as well as another about the FIFA World Cup.

This is not the first time that Hamas and other terror groups have attempted to infiltrate the IDF via soldiers’ cellphones and social networks. A previous campaign known as Operation Hunters Battle exposed false identities terror groups used to attract soldiers, in order to raise soldiers’ awareness of the phenomenon and the importance of reporting incidents when they occur.

Over 100 soldiers have been fooled into downloading infected apps in the last six months, according to the IDF. Under the plot, operatives befriended soldiers on social media and convinced them to download an infected app to their cellphone, giving the terrorists access to all information of their phones as well as turning on the recording devices and cameras on the phones.

The names of the apps are Glancelove, Winkchat, and Golden Cup. The apps were downloaded from the Google Store. Google has deleted the apps, but they appear to be available in other on-line stores.

The IDF said in a statement that the incidents so far have not damaged Israel’s security.