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For the first time, the European Union is coming out against the Palestinian Authority’s policy of paying terrorists who attacked Israelis, known as “pay to slay,” Israel Hayom reported.

Following the Knesset’s passage this week of the “Pay to Slay Law,” which withholds tax revenues from the PA as long as it continues its “pay to slay” policy, European officials told Israel Hayom, "We do not believe that violence is worthy of any encouragement or reward, but on the contrary, it must be prevented and condemned."

The European Union has reportedly said that it will begin discussions with the Palestinian Authority on the issue. "The payment system for Palestinian prisoners, former prisoners and their families is part of the EU's political dialogue with the Palestinian Authority being carried out at the highest levels," the European statement said, according to Israel Hayom.

This week, a delegation of senior EU officials is touring Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The delegation includes, among others, the Director-General for EU Neighborhood and Enlargement program at the European Commission, Christian Danielsson. Within the framework of the program, the Europeans give the PA billions of euros every year. The delegation will meet with leaders of the Palestinian Authority and senior Israeli officials.

The European officials will reportedly check with the PA whether the European money is being used properly. The EU stresses that it will not reduce the large-scale economic aid granted to the PA, but would like to examine "whether the financial support is as effective and efficient as possible in order to advance the two-state solution."

According to assessments, the Europeans will also deal with the issue of “terror salaries” in their talks with the PA. In addition to criticizing PA payments to terrorists, the Europeans stress that they expect Israel to "continue to implement the Paris agreements." These agreements specify the collection of taxes that Israel makes for the PA. According to the new law, these funds are expected to be offset by the the PA’s “terror salaries.”