Commissioner receiving briefing in south
Commissioner receiving briefing in southIsrael Police

Police Commissioner Roni Alshich held a tour of the Gaza perimeter area today to closely monitor the Southern District Police's handling of the security challenges.

The Commissioner arrived in the area following the fires in Gaza area communities launched from Gaza.

During the visit the Commissioner briefed the police on the situation, with participation of Police Deputy Commissioner Major General Zohar Dvir, Southern District Commander Moti Cohen and IDF, MDA, and other security bodies. Later, the Commissioner toured the Gaza area and was briefed by the Southern District Police Commander on police and Border Police force deployment, in order to provide the optimal response to various threats and provide service and protection to the civilians.

"The Israel Police has responsibility for internal security, and therefore we face many complex challenges in the field of fighting terror," said the Police Commissioner. "For a long time we've been dealing with the phenomenon of incendiary balloons and kites, some of which are booby-trapped, being launched into agricultural areas and populated settlements.

"These kites are sent from the Gaza Strip to harm Israeli citizens and security forces and constitute a security challenge. As far as we're concerned, this is terrorism for all intents and purposes, even if unfortunately it is carried out using women and children. On the one hand, the damage is significant, but to our joy so far there has been no loss of life. The gap between miracle and disaster is as fine as a hair, and our role with security, emergency, and rescue organizations is to try to protect citizens and reduce the risk to their lives and property as much as possible.

"What comes from the air is not our responsibility. However, once it lands on the ground what determines the outcome will be professional and safe treatment by the police sappers, and no less than that. Implementing guidelines for the population of all ages and in all field cells, including the remote ones. We must use all the tools at our disposal in community policing and in information.

"We in the Southern District are committed to continuing operation in full cooperation with the army, the other security and emergency bodies, and the heads of the councils to ensure maximum security and an optimal response to residents of the south, as well as continued routine policing and the determined struggle against crime and reducing road accidents."