Car theft (stock)
Car theft (stock)ISTOCK

An Israeli Jewish man from the Samaria town of Ofra was robbed Tuesday morning on Route 465 in the Binyamin region of Samaria by a pair of Arab car thieves.

The Israeli man was violently attacked during the robbery, and his car stolen.

The incident occurred early Tuesday morning near the Bir Zeit Bridge off of the 465, just south of Ateret in central Samaria.

While driving on the 465 near Bir Zeit, an Arab car passed the Israeli man’s vehicle, and then stopped, blocking the road and forcing him to pull over.

Two Arab men exited the vehicle, one of them carrying a baseball bat. The two car thieves forced the Israeli man out of his car and stole the vehicle.

Army and police units were later dispatched to the scene, and began searching for the two thieves.

The Israeli man did not require medical treatment.

Last week, an Arab car thief stole an Israeli vehicle near the city of Modiin Illit in western Samaria.

After the car thief made off with the vehicle, he noticed that a boy, roughly five years of age, was sitting in the back seat.

The thief then pulled over to the shoulder and ordered the child to exit the vehicle. After the child exited the car, the thief drove off with the car.

The child was later recovered, with no injuries.