IDF patrols Gaza border
IDF patrols Gaza border Flash 90

A short while ago, IDF troops fired towards four terrorists who crossed the security fence and infiltrated into Israel from the southern Gaza Strip and attempted to set an unmanned military post on fire.

The terrorists crossed the security fence equipped with cutters and combustible materials before attempting to light an unmanned snipers' post on fire. IDF troops spotted the infiltration, monitored the incident and pursued the terrorists while firing towards them. As a result, one terrorist was killed while another was evacuated for medical treatment. A third terrorist was transferred to security forces for further questioning.

During the incident, the troops reported hearing shots fired towards them. No IDF injuries were reported.

The troops operated swiftly to prevent the threat to Israeli sovereignty and the attempt to damage security infrastructure.

The IDF stated that "Hamas is accountable for all events transpiring within the Gaza Strip and emanating from it and is responsible for all attempts to cross the security fence and damage security infrastructure. The IDF views these events with great severity and will continue to respond in the appropriate fashion."|