Roni Alshich
Roni AlshichFlash 90

A senior officer in the Israel Police revealed in a conversation with Arutz Sheva tension in the organization's leadership because of the aggressive conduct of Israel Police Commissioner Roni Alshich and Police Spokeswoman Major-General Merav Lapidot.

"We're being reduced; senior officers don't count," the source says, describing how police chiefs harass senior officers and prevent them from presenting police achievements to the public.

"They (the Spokeswoman and the Commissioner) harass us in such a way that we can hardly work. They take all the credit for our work, and when we try to raise our heads and say something about our achievements, they cut off our heads."

Police Spokeswoman Merav Lapidot
Police Spokeswoman Merav Lapidotצילום: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

According to the senior official, the Police Spokeswoman forbids police officers to be interviewed by the media. "Have you ever seen any organization spokesman receiving such exposure on Channel 2?", he asks, explaining "there's an interest not to let us talk. Other senior officials want to talk about their activity, but they close their mouths and don't let them talk."

The senior officer is critical of appointments made by the Police Chief despite the fact that he ends his term in November. "Have you ever seen a Police Chief who's supposed to leave in November, and even before the appointment he switches new replacements?

"The police don't count to the Spokeswoman and Commissioner, they work as if they're an external body that doesn't belong to the organization. I'm fed up with being diminished," the senior officer complained. "I devoted my life to action, working for the security of the State in all the missions I undertook for the police, and it's a shame they make of us such small nothings."

The Police Department said in response, "We don't intend to respond to cheap and populist gossip that has nothing behind it. The police's achievements in recent years are unprecedented in both the professional and the public spheres. The role of the Israel Police is to make the relevant information accessible to the public and it does so with great success. All police units and commanders take part in this conscious effort, depending on the mission and the need.

"In this age of values ​​and professionalism, there is no room for self-communication and personal glory of an officer, no matter how senior, that is inconsistent with the police's goals. The police commissioner has led the Israel Police to a place where norms and values lead to action and cheap gossip like this is not worthy of consideration. The achievements of the police in recent years in the field of policing and public trust are reflected in the eyes of all sectors of the public in Israel."