Shuva Malka
Shuva MalkaFlash 90

About two weeks after she almost lost her life in a stabbing attack, Shuva Malka, 18, of Migdal Ha'emek, was taken back to the emergency room of Rambam Hospital Thursday with fever, headaches and shortness of breath.

She underwent another operation Thursday afternoon, to try and fix a large tear in her lung that has not healed.

Before heading out to the operating room, Shuva and her parents, Gabi and Michal, sang together and prayed for the success of the operation.

"It strengthens us to see how much the Nation of Israel is praying for Shuva," said Michal, according to Makor Rishon. "You feel that you are not alone, and that you are not the one who was hurt, but that the Nation of Israel was hurt."

"We are simply the emissaries here, standing by a representative of the nation that was hurt, who is our daughter. It is clear to us that this is a public mission, and we are very connected and strong."

The terrorist who stabbed Shuva none time in Afula, a 20-year old Arab Muslim from Jenin, was charged Thursday with attempted terrorist murder and several other charges. He said that he selected Shuva as his target as she waited for a bus in Afula, because she seemed like "a settler".