Shuva Malka
Shuva Malka Flash 90

An indictment was filed this morning against 20-year-old terrorist Nur a-Din Shinawi from Jenin, who stabbed student Shuva Malka in Afula about two weeks ago.

Shin Bet interrogation revealed Shinawi entered Israel in February 2018 while on a tour and remained in Israel without legal permits while working as a plasterer in the Upper Nazareth and Iksal areas.

At some point, Shinawi decided to carry out an attack in the State of Israel against a soldier or religious person, and for this purpose equipped himself with two knives.

Interrogation also revealed at the time of the incident Shinawi, on his way to his home to Jenin, noticed Shuva who looked religiously Jewish (he calls her "a settler") at the bus stop, and decided this was the opportunity to carry out the attack he had planned before.

He waited for a moment when she would be alone and came up behind her and stabbed her nine times to her upper body. After he thought he had made certain he'd caused her death he fled the scene.

שובה מלכה, פצועת פיגוע הדקירה בעפולה דוברות ביה"ח העמק

When Shinawi became aware police were chasing him, he planned to kill one of the policemen with the other knife, but before he could he was neutralized by the police and arrested.

In the interrogation, Shinawi said the background for his act was a security check his mother underwent by kippah-wearing policeman at the Temple Mount area's entrance during Ramadan in 2017. He claims that since then his hatred of religious Jews has increased.

At the end of the investigation, the Northern District Prosecutor's Office filed an indictment against Shinawi for the offenses: attempted murder under terrorist circumstances, serious injury under aggravated, terror circumstances, preparing terror activity, illegal entry into Israel, and possession of a knife for an illegal purpose. At the same time, a request for his detention until the end of proceedings was also filed against the defendant.

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