Smotrich Flash 90

MK Bezalel Smotrich (Jewish Home) called on the Israeli government to order Gaza reconquered due to the continued missile attacks on Israel's south.

"The concerns regarding another random and useless round of fighting with Gaza are correct," Smotrich said. "It will just delay the next round a bit."

"There's no choice other than to reconquer Gaza and return to the how it was before the Oslo foolishness. Afterwards, my plan for [Israel] ruling Gaza will present Gazans with the same options as all the other Arabs in Israel: Make peace with the status quo, emigrate, or fight and lose. There's no other way."

Meanwhile, Eshkol Regional Council Head Gadi Yarkoni told Army Radio on Wednesday that "the easiest decision and the hardest decision is to enter Gaza with 200 fighter planes and five [military] divisions."

"The question is if that's what we want to do. If fighting will bring us a time of prosperity, then we will back it and support the decision to fight."

Eshkol is one of the regional councils bordering Gaza, and has been one of those hit hardest by both rockets and kite terror.